• 常春藤解析英語雜誌 [第421期] [有聲書]:Was Air Pollution Monet’s Muse? 驚!莫內的繆思女神竟是空汙!?
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August 2023

In Taiwan, August is an important month for fathers. It’s the month that Father’s Day is held. However, this isn’t the case for most other countries. To learn about the history of Father’s Day, check out the article “A Day for Dads.” Typhoons are another event that often happens in Taiwan in August. “The Blessings and Curses of Typhoons” looks at the recent history of typhoons in Taiwan. Another great ocean-related article is “The Wonder of Stingrays.” Read it to learn all about one of the ocean’s most fascinating creatures. If you are looking to get outdoors and play some sports this August, then “The Reasons for the Numbers” is the perfect article for you. It delves into the history behind athletes adding numbers to their jerseys. For all the cat owners out there, “Keeping Your Cat Safe” is full of practical advice about a certain condition that can affect your feline friend. So, what are you waiting for? Start reading the August issue of Analytical English now.


《常春藤解析英語雜誌》培養升學.英語檢定.進修實力 / 詞彙程度約 4500~7500字 / 國內幾乎高中生人手一本的《常春藤解析英語雜誌》由賴世雄教授於一九八八年七月發行創刊號, 是一份製作嚴謹的專業英語廣播月刊。一直不斷在品質上力求精進及掌握學界脈動與讀者需求,多年來深獲全台英文老師的口碑肯定,並為多所高中指定之英文課外教材,更是無數青年學子心目中的第 一品牌!長期訂閱戰勝108課綱,輕鬆提升核心素養,每天只要30分鐘,學測、指考、英檢、多益、商英統統難不倒你!

  • 雜誌自學單元(第4頁)
    • 焦點新聞 New York, I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down 「大蘋果」紐約下沉中(第4頁)
    • 實力測驗(第83頁)
    • 背誦卡(第85頁)
  • 閱讀測驗 The Wonder of Stingrays 魟魚:飛翔於水中的古老生物(第5頁)
  • 詞彙測驗(第9頁)
  • 新聞英語 Smallville Experiment: 25 AI Avatars and the Emergence of Believable Social Behavior Smallville 實驗︰AI 虛擬鎮民和逼真社交行為的出現(第13頁)
  • 歷史迴廊 The Day the Lights Went Off in Britain 英國熄燈紀念一戰百週年(第16頁)
  • 文意選填 German Subway Station Catches Everyone’s Attention 吸睛!德國地鐵入口顛覆想像(第19頁)
  • 閱讀測驗 A Day for Dads 歡慶父親節 爸爸辛苦了!(第23頁)
  • 閱讀測驗 A Day for Dads 歡慶父親節 爸爸辛苦了!(第25頁)
  • 新聞集錦(第29頁)
    • 1. 串流龍頭 Ne tflix 正式取消 DVD 服務(第29頁)
    • 2. 歐洲 JUICE 探測器飛向木星(第30頁)
  • 科普園地 Why Is the Moon Following Me? 舉頭望明月 位置都不變?(第32頁)
  • 克漏字 The Reasons for the Numbers 球衣號碼 不只是數字(第36頁)
  • 混合題型 Was Air Pollution Monet’s Muse? 驚!莫內的繆思女神竟是空汙!?(第40頁)
  • 主題寫作 The Need for Speed-Watching 你倍速看劇了嗎?(第44頁)
  • 閱讀測驗 Keeping Your Cat Safe 貓有九命!?淺談「貓咪高樓症候群」(第48頁)
  • 空軍招募特輯 Join the Air Force and Achieve Self-Fulfillment 加入空軍,成就自我(第52頁)
  • 克漏字 Are You an Emotional Eater? 你不是真正的飢餓 向情緒性進食 SAY NO!(第54頁)
  • 篇章結構 The Blessings and Curses of Typhoons 臺灣的颱風變少了,是福還是禍?(第58頁)
  • 圖片寫作 Seat Hogging 請勿占用座位!(第62頁)
  • 混合題型 Keep that Smile Shining Bright 牙齒亮晶晶 放心笑嘻嘻:)(第65頁)
  • 混合題型 Keep that Smile Shining Bright 牙齒亮晶晶 放心笑嘻嘻:)(第67頁)
  • 文意選填 What Music Makes You Scared? 讓你毛骨悚然的音效(第72頁)
  • 翻譯(第76頁)
  • 慣用語 Break Even 收支打平(第79頁)
  • 解析文法(第81頁)
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