• Pool repair and service manual that can save you hundreds of dollars
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  • 作者: Eldon J. Bailey
  • 出版社:Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.
  • 出版年:c2015
  • ISBN:9781631358357; 9781612040158
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Before you spend top dollar on pool maintenance, check out the self-help guide Pool Repair and Service Manual That Can Save You Hundreds of Dollars.
This do-it yourself guide shows you everything you need to know about swimming pool repairs, regular maintenance, and winterizing.
Have you ever gotten frustrated with your pool when something breaks and you don’t know what’s wrong with it? You make a call to the pool company and then have to wait for a serviceman to diagnose and fix the problem. Next thing you know, two weeks have passed by before you can finally use your pool again.

This book discusses all sorts of problems along with the solutions and detailed instructions, including images of equipment, parts, and diagrams. It will assist you in diagnosing and fixing the pool yourself. Everything you can imagine that may go wrong with your pool is in this easy-to-follow guide.
The manual also aids in regular maintenance, and includes instructions on how to open your pool for the season and prepare it for the winter. A special troubleshooting section will help you figure out just what the problem may be.

First-time author Eldon J. Bailey is retired and lives in Ottawa, Canada. He wrote the book to share his knowledge with do-it-yourselfers who can’t afford high maintenance and repair bills for their pools or just for people who enjoy fixing things themselves.

  • Introduction(第vi頁)
  • Chapter One - Leaks in Your Pool(第1頁)
  • Chapter Two - Leaks in the Pump and Filter and Other Problems(第5頁)
  • Chapter Three - How to Change Your Filter(第9頁)
  • Chapter Four - How to Change Your Pump(第10頁)
  • Chapter Five - How to Install Automatic and Salt Chlorinators(第13頁)
  • Chapter Six - Installation of Gas and Electric Heaters and Heat Pumps(第16頁)
  • Chapter Seven - Different Kinds of Filters(第18頁)
  • Chapter Eight - Using an Automatic Bromine Feeder(第23頁)
  • Chapter Nine - Swimming Pool Maintenance(第25頁)
  • Chapter Ten - Winterizing Your In-Ground and Above-Ground Pool(第27頁)
  • Chapter Eleven - Opening Your In-Ground and Above-Ground Pool(第30頁)
  • Chapter Twelve - Winterizing Your Automatic Chlorinator, Salt Chlorinator, Brominator, and Ozonator(第31頁)
  • Chapter Thirteen - Electric Motor Wiring Diagram(第32頁)
  • Chapter Fourteen - Trouble Shooting Your Pump(第33頁)
  • Chapter Fifteen - Images of Valves, Fittings and Skimmers(第35頁)
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