• Lw [Vol. 82]:Water feature
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Conversion Estienne-Et-Foch Barrack 에스티엔과 포쉬 바락 개조
Rakafot School 라카폿 학교

Piazza Rosa 로사광장
Rooftop Park 옥상 공원
External Spaces of the Headquarters of Banc de Sabadell 사바델 은행 본부의 외부 공간
Reforma 412 Roofgardens 412 옥상정원 개선
Theme - Water Feature - 워터피쳐
Sherbourne Common 쉐르본 커먼
Promenada 산책로
Georgswall & Mayor Muller Plaza 게오르그스월 & 마요르 뮬러 광장
Bang Sue EECC Project 뱅 수 EECC 프로젝트
Dong Da Ecological Lake 동 다 생태 호수
Poca da Dona Beija 포사 다 도나 베이자
Competition 공모전
2015 Colorful Daegu City Design Competition 2015 컬러풀대구 도시디자인 공모전
The 13th Gimhae Urban Landscape Design Competition 제13회 김해시 도시경관디자인 작품공모전
The 7th National Design Competition of Urban Forests in Korea 제7회 대한민국 도시숲 설계공모전
Sports & Arts Expansion at Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium 가멜 헤일럽 체육관의 스포츠 & 예술 확장
25 Green 25 그린
Namly House 나믈리 하우스
The Arc at Bandar Rimbayu 아크 앳 반다르 림바유

Landscape of the world「(Lw)」was launched last February 2008, Protos, or domestic, by creating new addition the associated landscaping in superior shape of a park, a wide range of content such as planning by Korean, English Enable them to provide bilingual in domestic and overseas markets by issuing landscaping and Environmental Design magazine. Every issue new and different theme park for landscaping applications such as housing, the structures, aquatic park, one for each theme introduced a variety of works by setting the theme, one of a special edition A landscape architect were selected for their work by landscape architects of this month that can be examined as a special edition of I'm working on.More full and detailed introduction and for a project of a variety of topics, and photographs or images, drawings, diagrams, etc from design through completion through the processAnalyze and organize and publish by. Landscape of the world「(Lw)」including landscape in the field of expertise in the future as well in the industry's global trends for this article, based on high-quality information taken and theory, At the scene of the world who can adapt, landscaping and design magazines but it was positioned as to focus very much.

  • WORK(第12頁)
    • Conversion Estienne-Et-Foch Barrack(第12頁)
    • Rakafot School(第20頁)
    • Piazza Rosa(第28頁)
    • Rooftop Park(第34頁)
    • External Spaces of the Headquarters of Banc de Sabadell(第42頁)
    • Reforma 412 Roofgardens(第50頁)
    • Sherbourne Common(第60頁)
    • Promenada(第66頁)
    • Georgswall & Mayor Muller Plaza(第72頁)
    • Bang Sue EECC Project(第80頁)
    • Dong Da Ecological Lake(第88頁)
    • Poça da Dona Beija(第94頁)
  • COMPETITION(第102頁)
    • 2015 Colorful Daegu City Design Competition(第102頁)
    • The 13th Gimhae Urban Landscape Design Competition(第120頁)
    • The 7th National Design Competition of Urban Forests in Korea(第142頁)
    • Sports & Arts Expansion at Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium(第166頁)
    • 25 Green(第176頁)
    • Namly House(第186頁)
    • The Arc at Bandar Rimbayu(第196頁)
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