• Lw [Vol. 80]:THEME Playground
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Heavenly Water Service Center of International
Horticultural Exposition
Earthly Pond Service Center of International
Horticultural Exposition

Outdoor Room
Stadtpark Papenburg
Zorlu Center
A Toddlers Playground
Pulse Park
Lann van Spartaan
Port Adelaide Renewal: Hart's Mill Surrounds
Seoul Station 7017 Project
Open Competition for Noori Space
inNATUR 4_nature interpretation centre
Zeimuls, Centre of Creative Services of Eastern Latvia
18 Classrooms School and Sporthall
Hostel Wadi
China Pavilion
UK Pavilion
USA Pavilion
Slovenia Pavilion
Vietnam Pavilion

Landscape of the world「(Lw)」was launched last February 2008, Protos, or domestic, by creating new addition the associated landscaping in superior shape of a park, a wide range of content such as planning by Korean, English Enable them to provide bilingual in domestic and overseas markets by issuing landscaping and Environmental Design magazine. Every issue new and different theme park for landscaping applications such as housing, the structures, aquatic park, one for each theme introduced a variety of works by setting the theme, one of a special edition A landscape architect were selected for their work by landscape architects of this month that can be examined as a special edition of I'm working on.More full and detailed introduction and for a project of a variety of topics, and photographs or images, drawings, diagrams, etc from design through completion through the processAnalyze and organize and publish by. Landscape of the world「(Lw)」including landscape in the field of expertise in the future as well in the industry's global trends for this article, based on high-quality information taken and theory, At the scene of the world who can adapt, landscaping and design magazines but it was positioned as to focus very much.

  • WORK(第12頁)
    • Heavenly Water Service Center of International Horticultural Exposition(第12頁)
    • Earthly Pond Service Center of International Horticultural Exposition(第20頁)
    • Outdoor Room(第28頁)
    • Stadtpark Papenburg(第34頁)
    • Zorlu Center(第42頁)
    • A Toddlers Playground(第50頁)
    • Pulse Park(第56頁)
    • Sinneswandel(第64頁)
    • Lann van Spartaan(第74頁)
    • Port Adelaide Renewal: Hart's Mill Surrounds(第82頁)
    • Seoul Station 7017 Project(第88頁)
    • Open Competition for Noori Space(第108頁)
    • inNATUR 4_nature interpretation centre(第122頁)
    • Zeimuls, Centre of Creative Services of Eastern Latvia(第142頁)
    • 18 Classrooms School and Sporthall(第152頁)
    • Hostel Wadi(第162頁)
  • FEATURE(第170頁)
    • China Pavilion(第172頁)
    • UK Pavilion(第180頁)
    • USA Pavilion(第186頁)
    • Slovenia Pavilion(第192頁)
    • Vietnam Pavilion(第198頁)
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