• Chinese animal painting for beginners
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  • 作者: text by Wen Jingen with Pauline Cherrett , art by Gong Chunh, [et al.]
  • 出版社:published by Foreign Languages Press distributed by China International Book Trading Corporation
  • 出版年:2010
  • 集叢名:How to
  • ISBN:9787119057958
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  • 附註:Chinese title on chinese colophon: 怎樣畫動物 Simplified Chinese version Partial text in Chinese.
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Specially prepared for English-speaking readers who may take an interest in Chinese animal painting, this manual provides down-to-earth guidelines. The introduction tries to deal with a few issues that readers may be concerned about now, or in the future.

Wen Jingen devotes his time to writing and translating (into English) works on traditional Chinese art and literature. Pauline Cherrett has taught Chinese brush painting in England for over 20 years and is the author of several books on the subject.

  • Introduction(第5頁)
  • A Glimpse into Chinese Animal Painting(第24頁)
  • Tools(第50頁)
  • How to Use Your Tools and Materials(第64頁)
  • Looking Under the Skin of Animals(第83頁)
  • Copying Masterpieces(第99頁)
  • Sketching from Life and from Memory(第105頁)
  • Steps for Painting Birds(第111頁)
  • Steps for Painting Four-footed Animals(第134頁)
    • The Horse, a thorough study ( Gong Chunhu )(第134頁)
    • The Cat - free style on unsized paper ( Gao Zhanguo )(第166頁)
    • The Lion, the Tiger and the Mouse-free style on unsized paper ( Mi Xiubin )(第174頁)
    • The Snow Leopard, the Pomeranian Dog and the Tiger Cub-meticulous style on unsized paper ( Tang Jian )(第180頁)
    • More Animals - free style on unsized paper ( Wen Jingen )(第190頁)
  • Appendix(第209頁)
    • 1. Flattening and framing; minimum backing of a painting(第209頁)
    • 2. Shops for good art works, artists' tools and materials(第213頁)
    • 3. Bibiography(第215頁)
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