• Moons of the solar system
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  • 作者: by Thomas Wm. Hamilton
  • 出版社:Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.
  • 出版年:2013
  • ISBN:9781625161758
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This is author Thomas Wm. Hamilton's third astronomy book in the past three years. Having worked on the Apollo Project, the retired astronomer has long been fascinated in studying moons. His new book Moons of the Solar System incorporates the latest research and information on dozens of these amazing objects. From Galileo's discoveries in 1610 to the latest returns from the Cassini spacecraft currently working in orbit around Saturn, four centuries of discoveries in the solar system are summarized, complete with the names of scores of people responsible for finding them. The 185 known moons of the planets and dwarf planets are described in great detail, from how they were discovered and by whom, to the facts on their sizes and orbits. The strange and exotic origins of their names also make for amazing stories. You will also learn of the possible dangers faced by human landings in space. About the Author: Thomas Wm. Hamilton taught astronomy for 32 years. He has devoted his efforts since retiring to writing about astronomy as well as two books of science fiction. The author lived most of his life in big cities including San Francisco and New York, 'which are about as bad for viewing the sky as living in a cave. The year I spent in New Hampshire was the best time for getting personally acquainted with the night sky. The asteroid 4897 was named by the International Astronomical Union Tomhamilton for me.' For more information visit http://www.planetariumscholars.webs.com. Publisher's website: http://sbpra.com/ThomasWmHamilton

  • MERCURY(第1頁)
  • VENUS(第2頁)
  • EARTH(第3頁)
  • MARS(第10頁)
  • JUPITER(第14頁)
  • SATURN(第31頁)
  • URANUS(第50頁)
  • NEPTUNE(第58頁)
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