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Master Cheng Yen has made a vow to spread the Buddha-Dharma and benefit all sentient beings. For decades, she has led Tzu Chi volunteers to walk the Bodhisattva-path joyfully, without regret.
Over the years, Master Cheng Yen has gathered many stories from the Buddhist sutras as well as from real life. Based on the conditions and people’s capabilities, she kindly guides everyone with these stories. Each story provides teachings that illustrate the principles taught by the Buddha.
The various forms of suffering, afflictions, and joys experienced by sentient beings are all created by the mind. Thus, we must safeguard our minds at all times. We can give rise to a thought of kindness within the span of a second; if we can seize it and mindfully put it into practice, it can influence our entire lives. By upholding such kind thoughts, we can prevent ourselves from going astray on our path in life.

This book gathers many stories told by Master Cheng Yen that describe situations we may encounter in our daily life. In addition to spreading the Buddha-Dharma in the form of literature, these stories are also examples showing us how we can polish the most precious mirror of our minds so that we can all return to our pure intrinsic nature.

Dharma Master Cheng Yen was born in Cingshuei Township, Taichung County, Taiwan in 1937. When she took refuge with Venerable Yin-shun in 1963, he gave her six simple words of instruction, “For Buddha’s teachings, for sentient beings.” In 1966 she established the Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation. She continues to tirelessly work to help people realize the Buddha’s compassion and the joy of the Dharma in their lives.
Under Master Cheng Yen’s kind and compassionate leadership, the Tzu Chi Foundation has grown into an international Buddhist charity recognized for its compassionate relief efforts. Following the teachings of the Tzu Chi School of Buddhism and the Jing Si Dharma lineage, the foundation’s four major missions are Charity, Medicine, Education, and Humanistic Culture. These missions, along with International Relief, Environmental Protection, Community Volunteerism, and Bone Marrow Donation, comprise the Eight Great Dharma-footprints. Tzu Chi volunteers work directly with people in need, providing comfort and aid with the spirit of Great Love that transcends boundaries of race, nationality, and religion.

  • Foreword
  • Chapter One
    • Let Us Be Mindful!
    • Sweeping Our Minds Clean
    • Racing Against the Weeds
    • The Little Bird Who Is Free from Worry
    • All Sentient Beings Are Teaching the Dharma
    • The Principles of Nature Are the Most Beautiful
    • Birds in the Sky, Fish in the Water
    • The Shadow Below the Great Tree
    • Dharma as Water
    • Learning Must Begin from Childhood
    • Reflecting on Our Minds
    • Remaining Tranquil in the Midst of Noise
    • Treating an Elevator
    • The Empty Bottle that Drove Everyone Crazy
    • Becoming Extraordinary
    • True Harmony
    • The Child Who Refused to Wear Diapers
    • A Little Bodhisattva Donates Her Piggy Bank
    • A Letter from a Young Girl
    • Two Completely Different Women
    • A Story of a Robbery
    • Opening the Eyes of Our Hearts
    • The Overwhelming Great Wave
    • Seeking Improvement by Revealing Our Weaknesses
    • Writing an Excellent Essay for Our Lives
    • A Second and a Lifetime
  • Chapter Two
    • Not Allowing Even One Moment to Pass in Vain
    • Living from Second to Second
    • Cherishing Our Affinities with All People
    • Verbal Arguments Lead to Great Trouble
    • The Striking of a Violent Typhoon
    • Always Be Vigilant against Wolves
    • With Lifelong Vigilance There Will Be No Disasters
    • Contemplating Cause and Effect
    • We Must Not Wait until the Dew Dries Up
    • The Dog Who Saved His Owner
    • Turning to Dust
    • Lighting the Lamp of the Heart
    • Where Is the Sun?
    • The Elephant Passing through the Window
    • Bumping into a Blind Man
    • Illness Is a Reminder
    • The General and His Favorite Cup
    • The Little Deer in the Imperial Garden
    • The Lost Sheep on the Divergent Road
    • The Tale of Two Merchants
    • The Rich Man with Love Deficiency Syndrome
    • The Elephant Who Was Led Astray
    • The Hunter Who Learned Bird Calls
    • Traversing the Ten Dharma-Realms
    • The King of Heaven Hides Deep Inside Human Minds
    • Bodhisattvas Play Effortlessly in This World
  • Chapter Three
    • Letting Go and Resolving Life’s Issues
    • Do Not Be Clever to the Point of Stubbornness
    • The Blessings of the Elephant Lin Wang
    • Meeting Those We Hate and Parting from Those We Love
    • What Is Love in This World?
    • The Apron and the Necktie
    • Director of Our Own Play
    • The Revelations of Illness and Death
    • Awakening to a Gentle Call
    • An Ill Body and a Healthy Mind
    • Do Not Ask, “Why Me?”
    • Understanding and Misunderstanding
    • The Repentance of an Abuser
    • Facing Impermanence with Diligence
    • The Suffering of Unrequited Love
    • An Anxious Father
    • Seizing the Golden Period of Our Lives
    • Never Slipping Even in a Single Thought
    • A Grandmother’s Laughter
    • A Murderer Who Donated His Organs
    • Life Is Like a Play
    • Only by Loving Others Can We Be Loved
    • How to Treat Romantic Affinities
    • Impure Affinities Lead to Boundless Suffering
    • Love’s Final Note
    • A Good Wife with Wisdom and Kindness
  • Chapter Four
    • Giving Is Not About the Amount
    • Making a Wholehearted Effort Is a Great Merit
    • Count Me Out When Doing Bad Deeds
    • A Single Thought Can Lead to Death
    • The Choice Between Great Equanimity and Reluctance to Let Go
    • Clearly Knowing What to Do Next
    • Gentle Steps, Firm Actions
    • Cultivating Our Own Field of Blessings
    • Saying Goodbye to a Life of Greed and Desire
    • Establishing Faith and Trust
    • The Value of Perseverance in Life
    • Bodhisattvas Are Living People
    • Tzu Chi’s Immune System
    • Embracing All Beings in Different Ways
    • Building a Spiritual Training Ground for the Heart
    • A Desire for White Rice
    • Depending on Our Hearts and Minds
    • Using Life in a Meaningful Way
    • Experiencing the Teachings
    • Interpreting Dreams
    • Wisdom on Life and Death
    • “No Problem” Versus “Let Me Think About It”
    • Multiplying Goodness
    • Expanding Our Love
    • Teaching Children Etiquette
    • The Common Gene of Love
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