Cover Story 1
2019 Mozambique Medical Outreach

Cover Story 2
Respect Body Boundaries

Tzu Chi medical care:medicine with humanity
Humanistic Medicine with Reverence for Life.

Saving Lives, Safeguarding Health, and Upholding the Spirit of Love.

  • Dharma Master’s Blessings Seize the Moment, Create Good Affinities(第6頁)
  • Editorial Reducing Climate Change for Improving Health(第8頁)
  • Cover Story(第12頁)
    • 2019 Mozambique Medical Outreach(第12頁)
    • Close to the Suffering in East Africa(第36頁)
    • Medicine & Love Delivery to Mozambique(第39頁)
    • Hope for a Little Bit of Change Tomorrow(第41頁)
    • The Unbearable Looks of the Suffering Mozambicans(第44頁)
    • Bless the Female in Mozambique(第47頁)
    • The Happy & Satisfying Mozambique People(第56頁)
    • Dr. Honda Hsu, Feedback to His Fellow Africans(第60頁)
    • Chinese Medicine Clinic under the Mango Tree(第62頁)
  • Affinity of Marrow Stem Cells Donation Try Harder to Retrieve Names from the Death List(第64頁)
  • Special Report Easing Laotians’ Suffering after Flooding(第72頁)
  • Respect Body Boundaries(第90頁)
    • Be Aware – “No, Run, & Tell”(第102頁)
    • Physical Examination Class Simulates the Nurse-Patient Body Boundaries(第105頁)
  • Character Profile Sticking to the Initial Resolve for 30 Years – Lai Hui-Chun, Night-Shift Head Nurse, Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital(第108頁)
  • Please Listen to Me, Dear Teacher(第118頁)
    • Senior Social Worker, Junior RN(第118頁)
    • A Male Nurse with Social Worker Background(第123頁)
  • Male Nurse Diary Life Guardian in Surgical ICU(第126頁)
  • White Coat vs. White Uniform(第129頁)
    • Teamwork Good Partners(第129頁)
    • Pioneering Holistic Health Care in Dalin(第132頁)
    • Superman-Like Good Helpers in ER(第134頁)
  • Between Sick & Care The Little Girl with No Cry Doing Rehabilitation(第138頁)
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