Salon Salon unfolds a narrative about Beijing's art scene in the decade from the late Cultural Revolution to the beginning of the Reform and Opening-up period. It focuses on the continuous influence of the ideological structure of socialist realism in China on the practice and discourse of contemporary Chinese art. Key themes include the possibility for individuals to strive for room for creative practice under harsh political circumstances; how political signals and collective unconscious actions measured up against each other and marched forward hand in hand; and the collective oblivion of the young generation and their 'natural inheritance' of past experiences in major social movements.

Liu Ding is a Beijing-based artist and curator. He has participated in international biennials such as 2015 Istanbul Biennial, 2015 Asia Pacific Triennial, 2014 Shanghai Biennial, 2014 Prospect 3 New Orleans, 2012 Taipei Biennial, Chinese Pavilion of 2009 Venice Biennial and 2008 Media City Seoul.
Carol Yinghua Lu is an art critic and curator. She is a PhD candidate in art history at the University of Melbourne and director of Beijing Inside-out Art Museum. She is a contributing editor at Frieze and is on the advisory board of The Exhibitionist.

  • 编者序(第xii頁)
  • Editors’ Preface Liu Ding, Carol Yinghua Lu(第xiv頁)
  • 前言:1972 至 1982 年艺术实践小考 刘 鼎、卢迎华(第10頁)
  • Introduction : A Review of Artistic Practices from 1972 to 1982 Liu Ding, Carol Yinghua Lu(第34頁)
  • 愁绪 刘鼎(第88頁)
  • Melancholy Liu Ding(第90頁)
  • 个体肖像 卢迎华(第110頁)
  • Portraits of Individuals Carol Yinghua Lu(第111頁)
  • 1976(第128頁)
  • 1976(第128頁)
  • 纪念张志新 苏伟(第150頁)
  • In Memory of Zhang Zhixin Su Wei(第152頁)
  • “你办事,我放心” 苏伟(第170頁)
  • “With You in Charge, I’m at Ease” Su Wei(第172頁)
  • 周扬的三个问题与七篇文章 刘鼎(第186頁)
  • Zhou Yang’s Three Problems and Seven Essays Liu Ding(第189頁)
  • 短暂的合流 卢迎华(第262頁)
  • A Fleeting Convergence Carol Yinghua Lu(第264頁)
  • 北京油画研究会的缘起 闫博(第310頁)
  • Beijing Oil Painting Research Association : A Concise History Yan Bo(第312頁)
  • 印象派与形式美 卢迎华(第358頁)
  • 重新容纳艺术的空间 苏伟(第426頁)
  • The Reintegration of Artistic Spaces Su Wei(第430頁)
  • “沙龙沙龙” 展参展艺术家(第534頁)
  • Participating Artists of Salon Salon(第535頁)
  • 附录(第537頁)
    • 一. 思古观今 —— 与刘鼎谈研究性策展 杨天歌(第538頁)
    • 二 . “ 沙龙沙龙” 展新春座谈会(第550頁)
  • Appendix(第537頁)
    • 1. Pondering the Present vis - à - vis Ref lecting on the Past : A Conversation with Liu Ding on Research - based Curating Yang Tiange(第543頁)
    • 2. Salon Salon Exhibition : New Spring Seminar(第587頁)
  • 编者及撰文者简介(第641頁)
  • Editors’ & Contributors’ Bio(第642頁)
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