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Welcome to Listening . Language learning depends on listening
ability. Listening provides the aural input that serves as the basis for foreign
language learning and enables foreign language learners to interact in real-life
communication. This material has created activities that contribute directly to
the comprehension and recall of listening input.

The pre-listening activities provide learners with background
knowledge necessary for their comprehension of the aural context or for the
activation of existing knowledge that they possess. Each activity in this book
has been carefully designed to improve learners’ listening skills such as:
1. Identification: Recognizing specific aspects of the message, such as
sounds and words.
2. Orientation: Determining the major facts about the message, such as topic
and setting
3. Main idea comprehension: Identifying the main idea
4. Detail comprehension: Identifying specific details
To contribute to an actively engaged listening classroom, learners
are given opportunities for class discussion activities or role plays. Learners’
confidence in their listening ability will increase, as well as their ability to deal
with communication situations outside the classroom. In this way, we give
local learners the foundation for communicative competence in the English
Additionally, to prepare students for the GEPT Basic Level Listening
Test, we have created exercises to emulate the GEPT Basic Level format
at the end of each unit. These exercises will help students become
comfortable with the test format. Let Listening help you improve your listening
comprehension abilities in real-world settings and raise your GEPT Basic
Listening Test score.

  • Unit 1 Making Friends at a New School(第9頁)
  • Unit 2 Science Project(第15頁)
  • Unit 3 Clean Up Beach Day(第21頁)
  • Unit 4 You're Playing Too Many Online Games(第27頁)
  • Review Test I(第33頁)
  • Unit 5 Planning Your Allowance(第35頁)
  • Unit 6 Welcome to Taiwan!(第41頁)
  • Unit 7 How Do I Look?(第47頁)
  • Unit 8 My First Flight Experience(第53頁)
  • Review Test 2(第59頁)
  • Unit 9 The Magic Show is Awesome!(第61頁)
  • Unit 10 I Wish…(第67頁)
  • Unit 11 Is It Possible to Be Liked By Everyone?(第73頁)
  • Unit 12 I Am a Big Fan(第79頁)
  • Review Test 3(第85頁)
  • Answer Key & CD Transcript(第87頁)
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