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  • 出版年:c2018
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Many local students have problems writing with clarity, coherence, and
organization, and they become frustrated and discouraged from writing.
That's where good material can make a big difference.
Writing is carefully designed to help local elementary-level students
develop their writing skills by providing them with instructions for building

sentences and useful tips on writing a short passage. Thus, Writing is divided
into two parts: Part I Building a Sentence and Part II Building a Paragraph .
Part I Building a Sentence aims to help students build better sentences
by providing them with information on different language usage, and they
will also be given opportunities to practice and assess themselves. This
part contains six units. Part II Building a Paragraph aims to help students
organize their writing process using steps like mapping out thoughts, drafting,
and revising. They will also learn how to build a coherent paragraph by using
tips introduced in this part such as starting and ending a passage. There are
another six units in this part.
Additionally, to prepare students for the GEPT Basic Level Writing Test,
we have created exercises to emulate the GEPT Basic Level format. The
attached Extra Writing Practice, which includes five mock exams, will help
students become comfortable with the test format. Let Writing help you
improve your writing skills in real-world settings and raise your GEPT Basic
Writing Test score.

  • Unit 1 Capitalization, Punctuation, Titles, and Acronyms(第12頁)
  • Unit 2 Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences(第22頁)
  • Unit 3 Adjectives vs. Adverbs(第32頁)
  • Unit 4 False Subject It and Prepositions(第42頁)
  • Unit 5 Types of Pronouns and Rules(第52頁)
  • Unit 6 Active Voice vs. Passive Voice(第62頁)
  • Unit 7(第74頁)
    • .Reading Passage : Be My Friend(第74頁)
    • .Vocabulary Skills : The Suffix -ship(第75頁)
  • Unit 8(第80頁)
    • .Reading Passage : Dream Jobs(第80頁)
    • .Vocabulary Skills : Word Family(第81頁)
  • Unit 9(第86頁)
    • .Reading Passage : Spaceflight Dreams(第86頁)
    • .Vocabulary Skills : The Suffix -ion(第87頁)
  • Unit 10(第92頁)
    • .Reading Passage : Surprise!(第92頁)
    • .Vocabulary Skills : Collocations(第93頁)
  • Unit 11(第98頁)
    • .Reading Passage : A Road Accident(第98頁)
    • .Vocabulary Skills : Superlatives(第99頁)
  • Unit 12(第104頁)
    • .Reading Passage : Beach Cleanup(第104頁)
    • .Vocabulary Skills : The Prefixes re- and pre-(第105頁)
  • Translations(第110頁)
  • CD Tracks(第111頁)
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