• Speaking basic [有聲書]
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  • 作者: author Tanya Lin, Curtis Starkey
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  • 出版年:2018
  • ISBN:9789869605281
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Welcome to Speaking . This book is carefully designed to help local
elementary-level students improve their fluency and confidence in speaking
by providing them with engaging speaking practice activities.
This book covers a comprehensive scope of subjects which all students
will encounter in their everyday lives. Interesting and student-related

subjects in this book are: introducing a person to someone, going out with
friends, talking about local street food, expressing concerns to a friend,
describing your hometown, talking about holiday plans, going shopping,
connecting the world through the Internet, sharing tips on getting good
marks, going to a concert, talking about outdoor activities, and traveling
abroad. Furthermore, 12 carefully selected scenarios provide students with
plenty of opportunities to improve their oral communication skills. Each unit
covers a wide variety of speaking activities and useful expressions which
can be applied in real-world situations.
Additionally, to prepare students for the GEPT Basic Level Speaking
Test, we have created exercises to emulate the GEPT Basic Level format
at the end of each unit. These exercises will help students become
comfortable with the test format. Let Speaking help you improve your oral
communication abilities in real-world settings and raise your GEPT Basic
Speaking Test score.

  • Unit 1 How Do You Know Each Other ?(第11頁)
  • Unit 2 Going Out With Friends(第19頁)
  • Unit 3 Get a Bite !(第27頁)
  • Unit 4 Are You OK ?(第35頁)
  • Unit 5 Where I'm From(第43頁)
  • Unit 6 Fun Holidays(第51頁)
  • Unit 7 Shopping in a Store or Online(第59頁)
  • Unit 8 Just One Click(第67頁)
  • Unit 9 Awesome Outdoor Activities(第75頁)
  • Unit 10 Good Study Habits(第83頁)
  • Unit 11 Going to my First Concert(第91頁)
  • Unit 12 Air Travel(第99頁)
  • Translation(第107頁)
  • CD Tracks(第127頁)
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