• Developing the heart:E.M. Forster and India
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English novelist E.M. Forster wrote his last and best-loved work, A Passage to India, both as a paean to his love for India and as a tribute to the relationships he formed with Indians. Forster became entranced by the India of the Raj at a young age, and his love affair with the sub-continent, its princes, and peoples, was to last all his life. At his most socially transgressive, it was with Indians that Forster chose to connect and with whom he put into effect his belief in man’s duty to value friendship over state or ideology. His time in India was undoubtedly when he was at his most human and most vulnerable.

At once a contemporary reflection on India’s rich history and a biographical retelling of Forster’s travels through the country in the early 1900s, Developing the Heart delves into the past to better understand the profound impact certain events and people had on his writing. In doing so, it allows readers to look on as Forster matures and softens over time in his behaviour with others as well as with himself. Often using Forster’s own words to evoke a vivid landscape, this is the story of the most dramatic and exotic part of the life of one of England’s greatest novelists.

  • Preface(第xi頁)
  • Acknowledgements(第xix頁)
  • Note on Spelling and Terminology(第xxiii頁)
  • Abbreviations(第xxv頁)
  • Glossary(第xxvii頁)
  • List of People(第xxxi頁)
  • Maps(第xli頁)
  • Part One(第xliii頁)
    • ONE Masood(第1頁)
    • TWO India(第21頁)
    • THREE Passage Out(第33頁)
    • FOUR Bapu Sahib(第55頁)
    • FIVE Passage Home(第67頁)
    • SIX Rooms with No View(第85頁)
    • SEVEN Troubles(第99頁)
    • EIGHT Private Secretary(第109頁)
    • NINE Kanaya(第123頁)
    • TEN Chhatarpur(第131頁)
    • ELEVEN Going Home(第139頁)
    • TWELVE England Again(第149頁)
    • THIRTEEN A Passage to India(第159頁)
  • Part Two(第175頁)
    • FOURTEEN Indian Echoes(第177頁)
    • FIFTEEN Broken Promises(第193頁)
    • SIXTEEN Two Ends to an Era(第207頁)
    • SEVENTEEN Broadcasting to India(第225頁)
    • EIGHTEEN The Longest Journey(第237頁)
    • NINETEEN The Hill of Devi(第255頁)
    • TWENTY Final Passage(第277頁)
  • Epilogue(第295頁)
  • Notes(第301頁)
  • Bibliography(第373頁)
  • Index(第395頁)
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