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Hewes & Associates, based on its reputation can hire lawyers with 5.___________ or  better capability.,這部分可以對應到But Hewes & Associates, based on its reputation, can have anyone whether it is a seasoned senior lawyer or a newly graduate whose ability is better than Ellen.,better capability對應到whose ability is better than,所以空格處要對應到or前面的敘述部分,並藉由seasoned推斷出要有經驗的,故答案要填experience。這題稍難。   
Eventually, Ellen has a 7.___________  schedule for the next interview because her sister’s wedding is on the same date.這部分對應到Ellen is astounded to hear the date because her sister’s wedding is on the same date. How to choose between a lucrative job that everyone is dying to get in and attending her sister’s wedding is what allures audiences to continue watching till the end of the first episode.所以可以反推出Ellen跟下次面試的時程是conflicting的,答案要選conflicting。
During the first phase, high 29.__________ in HP discourages most players, earning the nickname “the most difficult boss so far”.,這部分可以對應到During the first phase, it consists of HP 500,000 that daunts most players, leading them to comment on that wall that “We have created the most difficult so far”.,空格對應到HP 500,000,但是選項中沒有數字等關鍵字,出題者將50萬的血量改成了高血量,即high volume in HP,故答案要選K。
Gamers can still find themselves stagnated along the way, 32.__________ of the final boss tremendously lower team’s agility.,這部分可以對應到Apart from above-mentioned challenges, there are other things that will make gamers stagger along the way. The team’s mobility will be immensely hamstrung by the final boss, making most players abdicate.,當中stagnated對應到stagger,而agility對應到mobility,hamstrung對應到空格處,指的是束縛,對應到選項O桎梏、束縛,故答案要選O shackles。
Questions 14-19
Complete each sentence with the correct ending, A-J below.
14 During the treason trial, Charles Darnay’s exoneration is dependent on
15 Dr. Manette’s incarceration is due to 
16 Charles Darnay’s recognition by others has resulted in
17 Dr. Manette’s discharge from the prison is considered
18 Charles Darnay and Lucie’s expunction in happiness is related to
19 Dr. Manette’s stay in prison earns him
A the unanticipated occurrence
B the unbearable seclusion
C the skill of manufacturing shoes
D the unwillingness of accepting the bribe
E the resemblance of his countenance to another lawyer
F the long departure from the real world
G the riot of the English populace
H the death penalty
I the incrimination of the plebs living in the area
J the litigation upon his advent in the country

國立台北科技大學英文系畢業,投入英語教學多年,熟悉雅思和新托福等英語考試,並出版了新托福等相關著作,喜歡的作家有Emily Bronte, Margaret Mitchell, Mary Shelley, Patricia Highsmith, Robert Louis Stevenson, Mark Twain等等。

  • IELTS READING Test 1(第22頁)
    • 01|商管+面試(第24頁)
    • 02|生物學+電影(第46頁)
    • 03|英國文學+商管(第68頁)
  • IELTS READING Test 2(第94頁)
    • 04|商管+面試+法律(第96頁)
    • 05|英國文學+心理學(第120頁)
    • 06|哲學+人生觀(第142頁)
  • IELTS READING Test 3(第166頁)
    • 07|犯罪+心理學(第168頁)
    • 08|英國文學+愛情(第188頁)
    • 09|電玩遊戲+學習(第208頁)
  • IELTS READING Test 4(第236頁)
    • 10|商管+心靈成長(第238頁)
    • 11|英國文學+法律+歷史(第260頁)
    • 12|商管+心理學+社會學(第284頁)
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