• 常春藤解析英語雜誌 [第411期] [有聲書]:Veterinarian : A Vocation for Animal Care 獸醫 : 肩負拯救動物的使命
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October 2022

  It’s October. That means fall is finally here. Or is the season called autumn? The article “Autumn Is Not Just about the hanging Leaves” answers not just this question but many others related to this season. Another age-old question that many people have is answered in “Myth-Busting: Can Your Eyes Pop Out If You Keep Them Open While Sneezing?” This article separates the facts from fiction in regards to sneezing. For anyone interested in reading about a cute animal, “Five Awesome Facts about Koalas” is just for you. It provides interesting facts about this adorable animal. While you’re reading about koalas, why not also learn about the veterinarian profession? “Veterinarian: A Vocation for Animal Care” delves into the long history of caring for animals. If you are planning a vacation this fall, then “Torii : The Spiritual Symbol of Japan” might give you some travel inspiration. This article looks at one of Japan’s most recognizable structures. These articles and many others are in the October issue of Ivy Analytical.


《常春藤解析英語雜誌》培養升學.英語檢定.進修實力 / 詞彙程度約 4500~7500字 / 國內幾乎高中生人手一本的《常春藤解析英語雜誌》由賴世雄教授於一九八八年七月發行創刊號, 是一份製作嚴謹的專業英語廣播月刊。一直不斷在品質上力求精進及掌握學界脈動與讀者需求,多年來深獲全台英文老師的口碑肯定,並為多所高中指定之英文課外教材,更是無數青年學子心目中的第 一品牌!長期訂閱戰勝108課綱,輕鬆提升核心素養,每天只要30分鐘,學測、指考、英檢、多益、商英統統難不倒你!

  • 強制險特輯 Ride Safe: Micro-electric Scooters Require Liability Insurance 「微型電動二輪車」投保「強制險」再上路!(第4頁)
  • 文意選填 Torii : The Spiritual Symbol of Japan 日本鳥居 | 通往神域的入口(第6頁)
  • 科普園地 Myth-Busting: Can Your Eyes Pop Out If You Keep Them Open While Sneezing? 破除流言:睜眼打噴嚏眼球會飛出去嗎?(第10頁)
  • 新聞集錦(第14頁)
    • 防彈少年團訪白宮 討論仇恨犯罪問題(第14頁)
    • 高中生造出可用意念控制的機械手臂(第15頁)
  • 詞彙測驗(第17頁)
  • 混合題型 Pseudonyms: The Use of Fake Names by Fiction Authors 為什麼作家要用筆名?(第21頁)
  • 克漏字 Pickleball: Strange Name, Fun Game 匹克球 簡單好玩的新興運動(第25頁)
  • 歷史迴廊 Go Nuts for Peanuts Comic Strip 風行數十載 《花生漫畫》與史努比(第29頁)
  • 新聞英語 Rats to the Rescue 老鼠立大功 救人衝衝衝(第32頁)
  • 主題寫作 The Future of Movies: Theaters or Streaming? 串流崛起,影院絕跡?(第35頁)
  • 閱讀測驗 Five Awesome Facts about Koalas 最愛睡的動物:超萌無尾熊(第39頁)
  • 新聞導讀 新聞寫作(一)標題 如何下標題 1-2(第44頁)
  • 克漏字 Veterinarian: A Vocation for Animal Care 獸醫:肩負拯救動物的使命(第46頁)
  • 混合題型 A Yummy Mystery: Sweet Potatoes vs Yams 番薯?山藥?別傻傻分不清(第50頁)
  • 混合題型 A Yummy Mystery: Sweet Potatoes vs Yams 番薯?山藥?別傻傻分不清(第52頁)
  • 看圖寫作 A Scary Experience 電梯驚魂記(第57頁)
  • 閱讀測驗 NFTs: Exciting Yet Controversial Digital Artworks NFT:數位藝術新浪潮(第60頁)
  • 篇章結構 Latchkey Children Home Alone 鑰匙兒童:回到沒有人的家(第65頁)
  • 翻譯(第69頁)
  • 文意選填 Art That Stares Back 蒙娜麗莎總是看著你?(第72頁)
  • 閱讀測驗 Autumn Is Not Just about the Changing Leaves 為什麼秋意濃秋葉紅?你不知道的秋日!(第76頁)
  • 閱讀測驗 Autumn Is Not Just about the Changing Leaves 為什麼秋意濃秋葉紅?你不知道的秋日!(第78頁)
  • 解析文法(第82頁)
  • 實力測驗(第84頁)
  • 背誦卡(第89頁)
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