• The Genera of Orchidaceae in Hong Kong (45th Anniversary Commemorative Edition)
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  • 作者: HU, Shiu-ying著
  • 出版社:The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
  • 出版年:2022
  • ISBN:9789882372696
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The Genera of Orchidaceae in Hong Kong is a handy reference for both amateurs and professional botanists in Asia who wish to enter the field of modern orchidology. Orchid appreciation is an art deeply rooted in Asian cultures. But in 1977, when this book was first published, orchidology as a science was new to people there. The technical vocabulary was unfamiliar and the subject matter difficult to understand. Therefore, this volume was intended as a general, easy-to-use reference book, with illustrations of the basic structure of orchids and their habit and habitat clearly described in Chapter I.

The book may also be used as a self-help guide for naturalists and gardeners in Hong Kong who wish to identify an orchid new to them. In Chapter II, keys, descriptions, and illustrations are given to allow the reader to look up and gain information about individual orchid species. Chapter III provides an analysis of the composition and an interpretation of the phytogeographic significance of the Orchidaceae in Hong Kong. Finally, Chapter IV helps the reader to understand and remember the Latinized names of orchids by providing an explanation on the origin and meaning of the generic names.


This book is a facsimile reprint of the 1977 edition, which was published at a time when no comprehensive account of the genera of the orchids of Hong Kong had ever been attempted. Even after many decades, this volume remains the essential reference on orchid species growing in Hong Kong. This commemorative edition features a new foreword and a chronology of Professor Hu’s major life events.


Shiu-ying Hu (1908 – 2012 )

A botanist of great international renown, Professor Shiu -ying Hu was educated in China before the Second World War. She later attended Harvard University, where she was awarded a doctoral degree in 1949. She established herself as one of the most distinguished research scientists in the field of plant taxonomy for the more than 50 years that she was connected to Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum. In 1968, she joined The Chinese University of Hong Kong as a Senior Lecturer in Biology, after which she served as an Honorary Senior Research Fellow of the Department of Biology and a Senior College Tutor of Chung Chi College. In 2002, she was conferred honorary fellowship by The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Professor Hu was not only a renowned scholar and a much-loved teacher, but also a mentor of great kindness and compassion to her students, and was well known for the many generous donations she made in aid of scholars in need. In 2001, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region awarded Professor Hu the Bronze Bauhinia Star, awarded to persons who have given outstanding service over a long period of time. In 2008, Prof. Hu became the first recipient of the American Botanical Council’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

  • Foreword to the Commemorative Edition by David T. W. Lau(第ix頁)
  • Foreword by Gordon W. Dillon(第xiii頁)
  • Preface by L. B. Thrower(第xv頁)
  • Introduction(第xvii頁)
  • I. The Basic Features Of The Orchids In Hong Kong(第1頁)
    • Habit and Habitat(第1頁)
    • Root(第4頁)
    • Stem(第5頁)
    • Leaves(第6頁)
    • Inflorescence(第6頁)
    • Flowers(第7頁)
    • Fruit(第16頁)
    • Seed and Seedling(第17頁)
  • II. Keys and Descriptions(第19頁)
    • Keys to the Subfamilies, Tribes, and Genera(第19頁)
    • Descriptions of Genera with Illustrations and Keys to the Species(第26頁)
  • III. Composition and Phytogeographic Significance(第125頁)
    • Systemic Summary(第125頁)
    • Analysis of the Composition(第129頁)
    • Phytogeographic Significance(第136頁)
    • Conclusion(第138頁)
  • IV. Origin and Meaning of the Generic Names of Hong Kong Orchids(第141頁)
  • Glossary(第149頁)
  • Bibliography(第155頁)
  • Index(第159頁)
  • Major Life Events of Professor Shiu-ying Hu(第161頁)
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